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The Williams Street House

Scope of work: Major Remodel and Addition

This turned into one of our favorite projects.  We started with a 3,000 SF brick home in Wash Park. We demo’d everything including interior walls, electrical, plumbing, ceiling, one exterior wall and the floor system. After the demo, we were left with three exterior walls and the roof. We dug the basement out two feet lower to allow for 9 foot ceilings, after which we rebuilt the inside from the basement floor to the upstairs ceiling and added a 1,300 square feet addition (out, not up). We bricked the addition with historical, used bricks to blend in with original. This was a very complicated structural project where we temped up the roof over a 45-foot hole in the side of the original home in winter to get our equipment in to dig out the basement. After the house was finished we built a new garage and stamped patio.  Through the process we became very close with the homeowners and now we are doing their neighbors project.

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